• we love what we do

    MUTANTE is an art company. Three women who have the task to keep making art.  We have “pieces” to make. MUTANTE is an encounter of peers, ideas, accidents and possibilities. We are open to new proposals, languages, members, itinerant members, guest artists, friends. MUTANTE is a voracious “it” that feeds from everything. MUTANTE speaks about the world from the way it works, homemade, handcrafted. MUTANTE explores and learns different disciplines and its relationship with the arts that we specialize in. MUTANTE is physical theater. Even if sometimes we use words, the dramaturgy is constructed beyond the text. Image Theater that gets to the audience beyond the boundaries of language. MUTANTE is making a movie, writing a poem, sewing the costumes. We give importance to the little details, we try to create a little art piece within the art piece. MUTANTE values the craft of the artist as an every day work, learning process and experience.


    from scratch

    Every project we develop, it uses original materials handmade by us or our colleagues. We like to put our soul into the objects we create. Every movement, every prop, every piece of stage is made from recycled, reutilized, re elaborated materials. We start our projects with empty hands and lots of ideas. We put all the ideas on the ground and start moving them around. We let the "object" guides us and inspires us. Most of the times we bump into things we haven't even thought about.

    our platforms

    We've chosen theater as our canvas. We do physical and image theater. In our plays we try to paint a picture. Image is poetry and plays a key role, as important as the music, actors and text. The body, the expression, the crafting of the materials, the interaction between different disciplines (film, multimedia, dance) enhance the idea of letting the images tell the story.

  • The Team

    Melina Martin

    choreographer & dance teacher

    Born in Argentina in 1969. She is a choreographer and dance teacher specializing in Humphrey Technique, Laban, partner and composition. She has danced for a decade in Silvana Cardell's company. Then she created "La Movemos" the company in which she has worked for the last 10 years. She has composed 15 works, several of which have been subsidized by Argentinean Government agencies. She has taught at IUNA (Argentine University of the Arts), at the Catholic University of Lima, Peru, at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Lima Peru and in different private studios in Argentina, Peru and France. Her work has been recognized with various awards and subsidies and have been shown in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Canada and the U.S.A.


    Lucia Torchia

    actress, director & acting coach

    Argentinean artist. She lives in Amsterdam since 2010. Born and raised in an actor’s family in Buenos Aires. She started her professional training as an actress more than 20 years ago. She holds a master's degree from the National Art Institute (drama department - Buenos Aires). In Argentina she developed different project as actress, writer and director. She's been coaching actors and no- actors in Amsterdam for the past 4 years.

    Novi Indayani

    creative producer

    I was born in 1983 and spent my childhood and adolescence time in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born as a regel tante.

    I get a lot of energy from doing it.

    I left home in 2005. The Netherlands has become my second home since 2007 before that, I was traveling across Europe by myself. My role at Mutante is to organize things and make things happen. I am the contact person for all things related to promo, marketing and venues/bookings.

  • Our Projects


    "an ordinary girl and her fantastic world"

    Blue is a project developed from a single character (Blue) that holds many possibilities. Blue is a concept that can be expressed in different platforms (theater, books, music, movies, installation, performance, etc.).

    Blue was born with the aim to create a character for kids free from gender prejudices and outside of binary paradigms. Once our character was created, she became interested in ecology, kids rights, building solidarity networks, art, and much more. Blue sees the world with kindness, tenderness and curiosity.

    Blue is inspired by our admiration and respect for the wonderful world kids live in. It's our humble tribute to our own childhood and our intention to not to let it slip away.

    Blue is already performing. The two first projects are already ongoing: “Goedemorgen Blue!!” and “Blue trash”.


    Goedemorgen, Blue!

    We developed the first theater play “Goedemorgen Blue!” where Blue makes her first appearance. This play is dedicated to kids and it's our way to tell them that we know we have so much to learn from them.


    The story:


    Blue wakes up, eats her breakfast and goes to play outside.... But swimming in her cup of tea, dancing with her dress, having a disagreement with all the garbage people throw away in the ocean are just few of the things she has to deal with in the process.





    School & Pre-school

    Our performances can also be staged at schools, kinderdagverblijf (KDV) and peuterspeelzalen (PSZ).


    In combination with our performance we also offer fun and educative workshops & activities.


    Please contact us for more information.

  • Agenda

    to see our festival performance in the past please click here

    Goedemorgen, Blue!

    theater show



    6th of May 2018

    Teatro Munganga

    11 AM (doors open at 10.45)

    Ticket €6,50 pp (babies <1 year old free entree)

    For more information and to purchase the tickets please go to this link



    24th of February 2018

    House of Watt - Amsterdam

    10.30 -11.30 AM

    Please come 10 minutes before the show starts

    Ticket €6,00 pp (free entree for kids younger than 2 year old)

    To reserve your ticket please contact us here



    10th of december 2017

    Teatro Munganga

    11 AM (doors open at 10.45)

    Ticket €6,50 pp (babies <1 year old free entree)

    For more information and to order the tickets please go to this link


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